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Training Your Eyes to Be at the Top of Their Game

Maximize your sports performance at Milton Vision & Sports Vision Training Centre.

Our goal for sports vision training is to optimize your athletic performance by providing exercises to benefit both your visual system and mental processing. React and adapt during game play faster and more efficiently than ever.

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What is Sports Vision Training?

Sports Vision Training is a unique optometric field to help you play your best by training your vision and processing speed. At our centre, we are fully equipped to work on:

  • Hand-eye coordination
  • Reaction time
  • Peripheral awareness
  • Single and multiple object tracking
  • Motor planning
  • Decision making
  • Processing speed

Your eyes take in information from all angles, especially when playing sports. Our personalized process will help you execute your movements more accurately and optimize your skills.

The Process

We tailor our process to each athlete. Our technology helps us go into great detail about the specifics of your vision and how it impacts the way you play. We will take you through an in-depth analysis and provide you with an individualized training program.

Part of our process involves an extensive athletic analysis to determine a baseline we can monitor progress from. We use computerized technology to test visual, athletic, and mental performance and track your progress.

Our database takes your specific information and compares it to same-sport athletes in the same level, age, and position to identify the best areas for improvement to give you a leg up on the competition.

We create individualized training programs for each athlete using computer-driven touch-screen and virtual reality methods. This includes eye-tracking and both sport and position-specific vision therapy.

Our team will monitor your progress and make adjustments to your plan when necessary. Let’s knock your vision goals out of the park!

Our Technology

Your experience with us is unlike any other. The technology we use for training sets you up for success. We will work with you to determine your goals and create a plan to help you best achieve them.

The FITLIGHT Trainer is an innovative system that enhances the connection between your body and mind. The wireless RGB LED lights activate and deactivate to test your speed and reaction time to the limits. We are able to see results instantly because your outcomes are captured for immediate feedback and saved for future analysis.

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The Senaptec Strobe is a pair of glasses using liquid crystal technology to change the lenses from clear to opaque. It’s designed to improve the connection between your eyes, brain, and body. Improve your hand-eye coordination, balance, and speed up your decision-making.

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Add to your training with the Senaptec Sensory Station. With 10 sensory parameters and 15 training modules in one unique system, you can see improvements in your reaction time, hand-eye coordination, spatial memory, and depth perception. Your results are saved for future analysis and monitoring progress.

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Vivid Vision is a unique system that uses virtual reality to treat eye conditions such as amblyopia and strabismus, as well as improve sport-specific skills such as depth perception and reaction time. Take your training to the next level!

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You’ll be saying “put me in coach” with confidence! Train under the guidance and expertise of our eye doctors, and see tangible results in your gameplay.

Find Us in Milton

We’re located in the Wilmott Marketplace Plaza off Santa Marta Boulevard, across from the Milton Sports Centre. You’ll find plenty of parking in front of our practice.


  • 608 Santa Maria Blvd, Unit 4
  • Milton, ON L9T 9L7


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